Our Services

WE are Leading Educational Consultant

We offer academic and career advice for degree programs, skilled migration related courses, admission in schools, colleges and universities.





NextStep Student Services offers a variety of services to its clients. We ensure that all services provided to our clients are fully compliant with the regulatory and ethical aspects. Some of our services are as follows:

Educational Consultancy

We work with many institutes across Australia, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, China and in various countries in Africa to provide educational consultancy services to potential students of all ages.

Our office in Sydney deals with the above-mentioned nationalities.

Our Partners

NextStep Student Services has been committed to work along with many organisations including educational providers to promote our common product and services in Australia. We are looking forward to establish more partners across the globe.

Health Insurance

NextStep Student Services has also made agreements with private health insurance providers to assist with the overseas visitors, students and temporary residents in Australia.


In association with Homestay Network (HSN), NextStep Education Services offers students accommodation advice and support.


HSN is a network of like-minded families who want to share their lifestyle with an international student to create lifelong memories. HSN was founded in 1987 to provide accommodation for academic and student visitors. HSN are Sydney’s original and premium homestay provider. HSN have expanded its services to the NSW Central Coast, Melbourne, Canberra and the Gold Coast.