NextStep Student Services is a Sydney based education agency assisting students in enrolling into the best institutions and academic programs to meet their long-term career aspirations. Most of our students opt for accounting and business programs. We currently work with various partner educational agencies located in Australia and overseas and have successfully enrolled a large number of students at various colleges and universities.

OUR Mission

Our mission is to provide professional and reliable service to our clients. We are results oriented organisation and will ensure our applicants meet policy and regulatory requirements, giving you the best possible chance for a successful outcome.
NextStep Student Services team believes in fostering an enjoyable working environment, based on open communication and mutual respect, and will encourage initiative, innovation, teamwork, and loyalty.


We will be the foremost educational counselling and immigration* service providers in the world with competence, transparency and integrity.
*through sister company – Studygate Australia

Our Values

Following are the core values of our organisation.

1. Client focus

We value our client relationships. We listen to our clients and respond to their needs with understanding, enthusiasm and efficiency. We focus on solutions that create value for our clients. And we will always go the extra mile for our clients.

2. Respect

We are committed to building and maintaining an environment in which we respect each other, in terms of talents, personal qualities and differences. We appreciate diversity in thinking and share what we know.

3. Pursuit of Excellence

Excellence, as in any profession, is of utmost importance to us since it only reinforces integrity but also streamlines our processes in such a way that it becomes the foundation for our future activity and endeavours.

4. Transparency

We believe in transparency with our clients and working partners in all aspects and we believe it be the key to trust and success.

5. Security

We will be seeking association with many government authorities so that our affiliation with such bodies will give you a sense of security while dealing with us.

6. Teamwork

We are dedicated to create and sustain collaborative, supportive teams with our colleagues and clients. We also encourage personal responsibility and accountability.

7. Continuous improvement:

We believe in continuous learning. We embrace change. We reward goal-oriented effort and achievement. And we coach everyone to enhance his or her ability to contribute.